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Apto Graduate Programme

Championing talent development in the data centre industry

As the digital infrastructure industry continues to experience rapid growth, Apto recognises the importance of nurturing and developing the next generation of talent. In response, Apto is delighted to launch its Graduate Programme.

Designed to offer a structured and immersive development experience, it provides a pathway for ambitious individuals to kick-start their careers and thrive in the fast-growing and dynamic data centre industry.

Apto was launched in 2023 to lead the development of the next wave of hyperscale data centres across Europe. With highly experienced hands in the boardroom, Apto is led by Russell Poole, formerly a long-serving UK managing director at Equinix. This initiative reflects the company’s dedication to developing the future cohort of leaders in the industry.

Nurturing talent for the future

Apto’s Graduate Programme is more than just a pathway to a career; it is a structured and comprehensive initiative designed to attract, recruit and cultivate talented individuals fresh out of universities and colleges. It encompasses a blend of training, mentoring and hands-on experience, providing graduates with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in their chosen field in the data centre industry.

Key highlights:

• Meeting growing demand: The increasing reliance on technology and data has spurred a demand for skilled professionals to manage data centres. Apto’s programme addresses this head-on.

• Dynamic work environment: The digital infrastructure industry is renowned for its constant evolution, presenting exciting opportunities and challenges for individuals inclined towards problem-solving and innovation.

• Holistic experience: Graduates will get a taste of all aspects of the business, from sales and marketing to finance, design, construction, and operations.

• Competitive compensation: Recognising the high demand for skilled professionals, Apto offers competitive salaries and benefits to attract and retain top talent.

• Opportunities for advancement: As the data centre industry continues its upward trajectory, the programme provides graduates with opportunities for career progression and professional development within Apto.

• Cultivating a unique culture: Apto is committed to fostering a company culture that rewards traits such as Astuteness, Progressiveness, Trustworthiness and an Obsession with customer experience.

Roger Gough, Apto’s Chief Development Officer:
“We are pleased to announce the launch of the Graduate Programme at Apto. We are keen to nurture and develop great talent across a range of competencies and we are looking for energetic and enthusiastic candidates to join our team. Graduates will get a taste of all aspects of the business, from sales and marketing to finance, design, construction and operations. We believe this program will set new hires up for a long and rewarding career in the data centre industry.”

How to apply:
If you are adaptable, collaborative and ambitious, with a passion for problem-solving and technology, explore opportunities and learn more about opportunities at Apto here. Begin the conversation with our team today – let’s shape the future talent of the data centre industry together.

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