Why Apto

Hyperscale data centres.
Designed for you.
Built to scale.

Hyperscale data centres.
Designed for you.
Built to scale.

A winning formula that is unique to us

We see where the next wave of the digital economy is heading and deliver cutting edge hyperscale data centre facilities designed for you, built to scale.

Advance your cloud expansion strategy and fast-track your entry into locations that will drive future demand.

Apto don’t just promise speed—we deliver it. Guided by decades of critical insight, we secure prime sites, navigate complex permitting processes and secure a reliable power supply to fast track your entry into high-potential markets.

We put you one step ahead, accelerate your time to market, deliver a clear-cut economic advantage and take away the hassle of building data centres, in the locations where you need to be.

Putting you one step ahead.First mover advantage is pivotal in securing prime sites in key locations. We predict future sources of demand and lead the way with access to real estate that isn’t available to others.

With our blueprint design that we customise and optimise for you, we proactively line up power, permits and supply chain to put us on the front foot.

Accelerating time to market.Procuring land, working through approvals and lining up the optimal supply chain can be challenging and lengthy processes.

We combine a proven delivery track record with on-the-ground knowledge of the local landscape that enables you to go- live with built-to-suit facilities in the fastest possible timeline.

Taking away the hassle.Planning, constructing and operating data centres is complex and can tie-up valuable time, resources and management over multi-year projects.

Sidestep the hassle and concentrate on driving innovation and growth by entrusting our experts to deliver the ready-to-go operational data centre infrastructure you need.

Delivering clear-cut economic advantages.The upfront capex involved in building, operating and scaling a data centre from the ground up can be substantial. We are experts in delivering the right data centre for the right cost.

Reduce the total cost of ownership and leverage the cost efficiencies of a hyperscale data centre with competitive and flexible commercial terms.

Are you leading the next wave of the digital economy?

Contact our team to find out how you can lead the charge in emerging markets across Europe with Apto’s hyperscale data centres: designed for you, built to scale.