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Apto Meet the Team Series #5

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  • Apto Meet the Team Series #5

Meet Chris Baxter, Chief Revenue Officer at Apto: Driving growth through collaboration, transparency and reliability

This is the fifth in a series of articles introducing you to the Apto Leadership Team.

In this Q&A, we dive into the journey and insights of Chris Baxter, Apto’s Chief Revenue Officer, who brings over 20 years of sales and account management expertise to the table. His proven track record, including recognition as a Global Top Sales Leader at Equinix, is integral to Apto’s success in the competitive data centre industry.

Pivotal career moments

1. You have an impressive 20+ years in the industry. What have been the most pivotal moments of your career relevant to the challenge ahead of you at Apto?

Chris: Looking back, transitioning from the financial services to cloud segment a decade ago at Equinix was pivotal for me. The move not only broadened my understanding of industry dynamics but also reshaped my career trajectory.

It was a critical point in the growth of cloud in EMEA and gave me firsthand insight into the unique needs of the sector, and across a broad spectrum of customers and metros. Design and construction demands are different for cloud service providers, needing more flexibility and earlier involvement in planning than traditional customers.

Plus, being part of Equinix’s expansion into the Middle East and Africa further fine-tuned my ability to align customer demand with expansion opportunities – essential for Apto’s growth strategy.

Building from scratch

2: What prompted you to begin this journey with Apto?

Chris: The chance to build something fresh from scratch really excited me. I’ve always enjoyed the entrepreneurial aspects of any role, and Apto offered the perfect opportunity to shape both a company and its culture from the very beginning. The biggest attraction was the prospect of working alongside such an accomplished leadership team that share the same vision and drive for success.

From vision to reality

3. Talk us through the culture? How did the company brand, vision and values come about?

Chris: Defining the essence of Apto was a team effort. We aimed to distil the best of the various corporate cultures we’ve encountered through our careers (and actively avoid the worst). Despite our diverse backgrounds, we quickly agreed on the attributes of a winning environment that fosters exceptional employee and customer experiences.

We identified adaptability and flexibility as paramount to our customers, leading to the name Apto – derived from the Latin word meaning adapt, fit or accommodate. This symbolises our commitment to delivering tailored solutions perfectly aligned with customer needs.

But it was more than just a name. It had to be something meaningful that we could all proudly stand behind – it’s who we are. Guided by our core values—astute, progressive, trustworthy and obsessed (see what we did there?), we strive every day to live up to the Apto standard, ensuring that we’re not just another brand but a partner our clients can truly rely on.

The customer experience

4. In your role as CRO, what is your purpose at Apto?

Chris: My purpose is to orchestrate all customer-facing functions spanning sales, marketing, customer experience and account management. Acting as the link between our customers and our operational strategy, I strive to exceed expectations at every stage of the journey. My ultimate aim is to ensure a seamless, hassle-free experience for our customers.

I am currently focusing on capturing demand signals to enable our team to translate them into actionable strategies. We target high-growth European markets, delivering hyperscale ready sites and campuses that align with our customers’ exacting standards.

In short, my purpose is to ensure that every interaction with Apto leaves a lasting impression of reliability, trustworthiness and customer-centricity. We’re not just building data centres; we’re creating experiences that set new benchmarks in the industry.

Targeting Hyperscalers

5. What characterises the profile of your target customers – hyperscalers and cloud service providers?

Chris: Our target customers have significant growth objectives in Europe, driven by ongoing digital transformation initiatives and the emergence of AI and ML applications. Customers are seeking the right capacity in strategic locations with sustainable power, proximity to existing fibre routes and with future expansion options. Flexibility in design and speed to market are paramount.

Understanding their nuanced requirements and aligning our offering accordingly with hyperscale-ready data centres is essential for fostering meaningful partnerships.

Setting Apto apart

6. In your view, what sets Apto apart from competitors in the industry?

Chris: At Apto, collaboration is in our DNA. We work hand-in-hand with customers right from the start to create tailored solutions that meet their needs. How do we do it? By leveraging our extensive industry experience and network to design, build and operate data centres at scale, combined with our commitment to flexibility and transparency. We’re not afraid to lay our cards on the table – we’re transparent about what we can deliver and never overpromise. With our experience, we can anticipate our customers’ needs, staying ahead of the curve and exceeding expectations every step of the way.

Industry trends and drivers

7. In your view, what’s coming down the line? What technologies or trends do you believe will significantly impact the data centre industry, and how will Apto help customers to adapt or capitalise on these changes?

Chris: We’re seeing a shift towards larger projects with long-term options for growth. At Apto, we’re dedicated to partnering with our customers to identify strategic locations and develop capacity accordingly. Sustainability is increasingly crucial, and we’re prioritising environmentally friendly designs and leveraging new technologies for efficiency.

Location strategy is a key focus, with discussions on whether to focus on existing metros, expand into secondary and tertiary metros within current countries or explore new markets entirely. Access to sustainable power is fundamental.

The industry is evolving rapidly, and we’re ready to adapt, staying ahead of trends and offering flexible solutions to ensure our customers thrive in this dynamic environment.

Excited for the future

8. Finally, what excites you the most about being part of Apto?

Chris: The opportunity to collaborate with an exceptional team and engage with customers on these transformative projects is incredibly exciting. Watching ideas and conversations evolve into reality, alongside the growth of our team, fills me with excitement for the future. As we embark on this journey, the next year promises to be an exhilarating period of growth and innovation for Apto.


Chris Baxter’s wealth of experience and dedication to customer-centric excellence positions him as a driving force behind Apto’s growth journey, delivering unparalleled value to customers and stakeholders.

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